How It Started

It started out as a simple hobby of blogging. Soon the desire to be different develops. And I started out learning more about simple coding, one thing leads to another. I ended up creating multiple sites for myself.

From 1 site to many, eventually I started building sites for friends and clients.
Now we have under our belt nearly 10 years of experience and thousands of sites built.

From Building to Improving

It just doesn’t stop at only building a website.
We’ve moved even further ahead, improving the sites we’ve built.
Not only making sites beautiful but also making it useful.

Giving websites a purpose.

From Improving to Guidance

I may not speak jargon, mainly because everything or mostly I’ve done and achieved so far were all self learned. Some words I’ve used might be different.

So in layman terms. I can be called the layman. The best person to guide newcomers or new interested learners.

From Guidance to Expansion

I never stopped learning. Always searching for something new. Something that could make the difference.
You could call me Jack, of all trades. I always believed that perfection is stagnant and that’s why I never stopped learning.

Well I’m the Teach that Teaches And is Taught.

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