I guess it is finally time to say goodbye to 2015.

2015 isn’t really the best of years for us. Lack of time, too much commitment and too many miscommunication one thing leads to another.
Well let’s just say you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette.

2016… What can you expect from us in 2016?

Changing of Directions
We’ll be moving more towards Media Design and Web Design.
Well the “right brain awakens” and we’re more incline towards colors and lines and shapes…. You get the picture. Did you get the pun?

We’re moving towards media solutions. Media mainly graphics and more focus towards web design. And maybe we’ll bring in a bit of what we do in our free time into the blog. (Thinking Gaming)

Changes on The Site
Trying to make things more accessible. Cause it’s gonna be a mess here as we try to find categories to fit our posts in.

More frequent updates. (That is a must and one of our resolution for this year)
We’ll be sharing more relevant content and important ones!

We’ve even updated our logo. Trying to be more symbolic….. Well Graphics.

Anyways with arms wide open. Let’s welcome 2016

better year